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  • 1958 - GoldStar (today LG Electronics) was founded.
  • 1959 - Korea's first radio set up.
  • 1962 - For the first time in Korean history, radios have been exported to the United States and Hong Kong.
  • 1965 - The first Korean refrigerator is released.
  • 1966 - The first Korean black and white TV was released.
  • 1968 - Korea's first air conditioner is released.
  • 1969 - Korea's first washing machine was launched.
  • 1974 - GoldStar Communications transformed into an open joint-stock company.
  • 1977 - Production of color TVs started.
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LG Electronics, Inc. is a global innovator in technology and manufacturing with more than 100 regional companies around the world, employing a total of 7,400 executives and ordinary employees with 2017 global sales of $ 55.4 billion. The United States is a leading manufacturer of TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and mobile devices. It has its headquarters in Seoul and the third largest Korean corporation. Due to its impressive business strategy, the company plays the role of an active player in the world markets of modern technologies. LG has a time-tested management system through which employees practice and develop their capabilities and improve their skills.


The basis of LG's philosophy is people, honesty and dedication to fundamental values. We understand our customers and offer them optimal solutions and new opportunities through innovative developments, which means we make their lives more comfortable. We reach out to people who continue to explore the world around them and take on new challenges to open up unexplored opportunities and reach new heights. We consistently develop the brand image following the motto of Life's Good - "Life is Beautiful". We are modern and original and constantly implement our key principles in the world around us.

LG logo is a basic visual representation of the company that embodies the sophistication and quality of our products - the unity of simplicity, innovation and uniqueness. The use of the logo is essential, as it is a symbol of a solid reputation and high standards of quality, and any variations of the logo weaken the association of LG Electronics with its products.


The letters "L" and "G" in the circle symbolize peace, the future, youth, humanity and technology. Red - the main color of the company - symbolizes friendliness and the intention to produce the best quality products; gray indicates adaptability and reliability. The stylized image of a smiling face conveys a friendly mood and accessibility. There are two versions of our logo: corporate and 3D.

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LG Smart

The first GoldStar color tvset in 1977.
Radioreceiver GoldStar GR-01URB
The first Goldstar-A-501 transistor radioreceiver from LG 1959 y.
Model of TV set from LG Electronics 1990-2000
Model of TV from GoldStar 1980-1990
Ku In Hoi is the founder of LG

In January 1947, Koo In Hoi is created a small firm in Seul and called Luk Chemical Co (now known as LG Chem), specializing in household chemicals and cosmetics. The first products of the company were face cream, toothbrush and paste. Gradually the range of the company expanded and, in addition to the above products, it began to produce household chemicals and plastic packaging and its network of branches covered the entire territory of South Korea. He used his first big profits to open new lines of business, and already in 1952 the company became the first plastic manufacturer in South Korea.
In 1958, South Korean President Pak Chong Hui supported the initiative of Luk Chemical Co to create a new consumer electronics business. This is how GoldStar (English Gold Star, today LG Electronics) was born.

LG Electronics activity in Ukraine

In 1996, LG Electronics opened a representative office in Ukraine that specializes in the export of consumer electronics to the territory of Ukraine and provides information support to products.
Throughout its work in Ukraine, LG Electronics has sponsored a number of events, including television programs such as Chance and Karaoke on the Maidan, the Eureka Intellect Show, and the Karaoke Festival. Sponsorship of the weather forecast on TRC "Novy Canal" and "STB", culinary section in the morning program “Pidjom” was carried out.
In March 2009, with the support of the Ukrainian representative office of LG Electronics and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine, the Korean TV series "The Pearl of the Palace, or the Emperor's Cook" (Dae Jang Geum) was broadcast on the TRC "Kyiv TV".

  • 2005 - fourth in the world in terms of mobile phone shipments. The world's first 3G UMTS DMB phone, 3G-based DVB-Hand Media FLO, Time-shift MB phone and DMB laptop have been released. In the same year, a joint venture was established with Nortel for LG-Nortel network solutions.

  • 2006 - Sales of LG Chocolate, a premium Black Label handset, total 7.5 million units worldwide. The first 60-inch HD PDP scanner and 100-inch LCD TV have been developed. Strategic partnership with UL and acquisition of the world's first IPv6 Gold Ready logo.

  • 2007 - The world's first dual-format drive and high-definition disc player, as well as 120Hz Full HD LCD TV. LG Electronics has won a contract for the GSMA 3G campaign and for the first time in the world has demonstrated MIMO 4G and 3G LTE technologies.

  • 1978 - for the first time among Korean electronics manufacturers, the company's exports exceeded $100 million.
  • 1980 - The first subsidiary (LGEWG) was set up in Germany to promote goods in Europe.
  • 1982 - LG's color TV factory opens in Huntsville, USA.
  • 1986 - The European Standard VCR (VCR) factory opens in Germany.
  • 1990 - Center for Design Technology opens in Ireland.
  • 1995 - Company name changed to LG Electronics; acquired American company Zenith
  • 1997 - A 40-inch plasma TV and the world's first digital TV receiver have been developed; Ameritech and GTE in the US presented the world's first digital CDMA mobile phone, UL certified in the US; a subsidiary manufacturing company in India was founded in the same year.
  • 1998 - The world's first 60-inch plasma TV.
  • 1999 - LG Philips LCD was founded jointly with Philips.
  • 2000 - the world's first refrigerator with Internet connection is released; the company came in 1st place in the world in the sale of refrigerators.
  • 2001 - delivery of GSM mobile phones to Russia, Italy, Indonesia; In the same year, the company became a leader in the Australian CDMA market. The company also launches the world's first washing machine, air conditioner and microwave with Internet connection
  • 2002 - LG Electronics (LGE) and LG Electronics Investment (LGEI) split. The first smart home system is on the market. In the same year, a full line of color mobile GPRS phones was launched on the European market and a line was launched to produce CDMA and R&D center phones in China.
  • 2003 - LG Electronics announces itself in the GSM Mobile Phone Markets of Northern Europe and the Middle East and is the number one worldwide manufacturer of CDMA; in the same year, export figures totaled 2.5 million units.
  • 2004 - the world's first 55-inch multifunctional LCD TVs and 71-inch plasma TVs; the next generation of digital television transmission technology in the US and Canada EVSB appeared, the US ATSC industry standard was obtained. The company develops the first satellite and terrestrial DMB phones.
  • 2008 - introduced a new image of the brand: "Stylish design and smart technology products for the life of our customers."

  • 2009 - became the second largest company in the field of LCD TV production.

  • 2011 - Cinema 3D Smart TV is introduced to the world, combining 3D technology and smart TV.

  • 2012 - the first smartphone of the G series line - Optimus G; The world's largest 84-inch UHD TV with Cinema 3D technology and Smart TV features.

  • 2013 - a large number of simple and convenient "smart" devices and appliances; Vehicle Component unit was created.

  • 2014 - the world's first 4K OLED TV and web OS interface for smart TV is introduced, LG G3 smartphone with Quad HD display is introduced.

  • 2015 - the first V series smartphone - the V10 - has been released.

  • 2016 - introduced a new line of home appliances - LG SIGNATURE. Received confirmation in the Guinness Book of Records for the release of the lightest laptop.

  • 2015-2016 - For two consecutive years, LG Electronics has been named Industry Leader. Listed D JSI World for the fourth consecutive year (D JSI Asiapacific (Asia Pacific) list - sixth year in a row, DJSI Korea rating [[null South Korea]] - seventh year in a row). The company has achieved 100% risk tolerance in all production areas in accordance with the industry standard EICC ("Code of Conduct in the electronics industry").

  • 2017 - Awarded by Renault and Volkswagen for being the best supplier of products and launching full commercial business in the field of robotics.

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