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Іmplementing innovative ideas


One of the priority areas of LG Corporation is active in the production of professional displays. Constant scientific research, many years of experience and translating innovative ideas into reality were able to open a new page in the development of data display devices. Thanks to this work, the corporation was able to significantly expand the use of displays in various fields. Now at the service of mankind are such innovative products as video walls with minimal body thickness, displays with a high level of brightness, flexible screens with high image quality and transparent displays. And the main thing in this list of devices again is not even their versatility of use, but significant energy efficiency and long life, combined with high image quality and wide functional capabilities of a device

Main characteristics of displays:


  •  Size - the size of the screen diagonal in inches;
  • Matrix type - matrix production technology (LCD/LED, IPS, OLED, MicroLED);
  • Aspect ratio - standard or widescreen (4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10, 58:9, 32:9);
  • Resolution - the number of pixels vertically and horizontally (SD, HD, FullHD, UltraHD);
  • Brightness is the light characteristic of devices that are light sources. Unit of measurement: cd/m² or nit;
  • Bezel size - the size between the edge of the screen and the edge of the display case, usually in millimeters (0.4-20 mm);
  • Refresh rate - a numeric value from 50 Hz and above;
  • Operating temperature range - the ambient temperature in which the display is guaranteed to perform the stated characteristics (°C);
  • Response speed is the amount of time your monitor switches from one color to another. This is usually measured in terms of the transition from black to white again to black, in milliseconds;
  • Viewing angle - the maximum possible angle at which there is no deterioration in image quality. In LG devices it is usually 178 °C;
  • Service life - the guaranteed service life of the display for which the manufacturer gives a guarantee in hours.


LG Information Display Systems
LG Information Displays

Technology development

Of course, from a technical point of view, everything looks very simple and clear to mankind for more than a decade, but it is in this simplicity and hides the constant development and improvement of data display devices. We see technology evolving over the years that has improved image quality and expanded functionality. In our time, when technology has changed significantly and television devices have become a large array of microscopic lanterns. Now humanity has received simply incredible opportunities for their use and exploitation. Data display devices are used not only in everyday life but also in many areas of activity. It is difficult to imagine, for example, the existence of an advertising business without image display devices, the development of computer technology and many other human activities.

Information and advertising stand systems

Digital Signage Systems


System solutions have entered our daily life in the form of a group of information displays, with the help of which messages and graphics are disseminated. Subsequently, information signage systems were modernized and received a complex system term - Digital Signage systems. The main purpose of such systems or individual devices is the prompt transfer of data at a convenient time and place. Due to their versatility and ease of integration, information signage systems began to gain their popularity, so now we can meet them everywhere, traveling down the street or visiting a store, going to a pharmacy or visiting financial institutions. Taking into account the specifics of installation, displays of special types and properties began to gain popularity, which are used outdoors or indoors, used in the educational process or in transport. It is thanks to the introduction of modern technologies that data can be displayed on many types of devices, such as individual displays or groups of displays in the form of large video walls or outdoor LED-screens.

Advertising support systems
Systems with Large Displays and VideoWalls

Operational features


High reliability and ease of use allows one or more administrators to control the data displayed on displays (video walls, information screens). The advantage of such systems is the fact that the displays can be located anywhere and be a source of information indoors or outdoors.
Such system solutions include server or cloud parts with software, a group of screens or information displays that display information data and signal propagation medium (low-frequency/coaxial cable, twisted pair, wireless networks). The displays can be adjusted remotely or locally depending on their type.

Application of digital signage systems


  • A new fast-growing mass communication tool made possible by the combination of telecommunication technologies and the business environment;
  • The largest advertising and information communication sector with a large number of people;
  • The latest technology of flexible and prompt informing people at the right time and place;
  • Systems are an alternative to television and contain not only indoor but also outdoor advertising.
Promo installation from LG displays
Information and Digital Signs